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Welcome and hello!

Hello! I’m Olivia, founder and illustrator at byOliviaBell; a card publishing business selling nature and pet loving greetings cards to retail and wholesale customers

I created byOliviaBell in 2022 after many years of putting it off due to fear of failing. After leaving a very stressful assistant psychologist job, I decided it was time to take the leap and that it was now or never. So….I booked myself into a trade show so that there was no turning back!

I was on a tiny debut stand with only 30 cards and didn’t really know what to expect. My aim was to learn and ask questions….which I did! I absolutely fell in love with the industry and everyone within it. Since then I have continued to grow my ranges, have attended two more trade shows, have my cards in many shops across the UK and plan to keep going…

Alongside drawing in our London based ‘studio garage’, I walk dogs in the Surrey countryside and look after animals.

This job has given me a wonderful range of subjects for my designs. I get to spend most of my time walking in nature (with nature) so it’s only natural that this has become the aesthetic focus of byOliviaBell products. All of the gorgeous animals I draw within our ‘Pet Love' range (our best selling range) are animals I walk or look after….making it feel extra special to draw and turn them into cards

a final note…

I have always believed that the act of giving a card is an extremely thoughtful one. I believe that finding the right one for someone is a very personal thing which requires a lot of thought and time - well, in my experience anyway!

With my hand drawn designs I hope to make something that both honours this gesture and creates something that can be kept as a little piece of art in its own right - to be kept on your pinboard or framed in the kitchen.

I hope you love my cards as much as I loved drawing them and that they mean something special to you and the person receiving them

Olivia x

If you would like to become a stockist please email us at [email protected].