Our Story

Welcome to our Publisher!

byOliviaBell is a new card publishing company based in London that creates design led greetings cards with a sensitive and honest focus on plants, animals and the natural world. 

Olivia Bell hand draws, paints or etches every element seen on her cards from unique and colourful floral repeat patterns to paired back insect and dog illustrations.

Picking the right card for someone special is a very personal thing, requiring a lot of thought and time. Olivia wanted to honour this thoughtful gesture with beautiful and intricate designs. Her hope was to make something that both reflected this thought and something that could be kept & even framed like a little piece of art in its own right!

byOliviaBell use a beautiful 100% recycled and 100% recyclable FSC board which is organically textured by the recycled materials it is made from

All of the packaging used is plastic free and fully recyclable.